It is easy to recognize a good tailor-made shirt. Not only because of the high quality of the fabric and the good make of the shirt, but much more because it reflects the personal style and taste of the man that wears it. And of course because of the perfect fit of the shirt.

To serve the customer best it is important that he can choose from a wide range of available styles, shirt models and shirt options. E.g. wide-spread collar, classic collar, button-down, double cuff, normal cuff, Italian cuff, pleats and pockets, if any, monogram, buttons, and so on. Also it is important that the customer can choose from a wide and balanced collection of high-quality fabrics from the best weavers and he can rely on it that the selected fabric is on stock.

But there is more. In the opinion of CustoMax a good tailor-made shirt is also delivered fast and at affordable prices. As a matter of fact, in the opinion of CustoMax for a customer it must be logic and normal to choose for a tailor-made shirt, because it is delivered fast and for the same price as an off-the-rack shirt, but he gets a better fit, better quality and a completely personalized and customized product.

To ensure all the above advantages of a good tailor-made shirt CustoMax works together with the most innovative and best ateliers and fabric weavers in Europe that understand the importance of a short and integrated supply chain built upon web services.

For men's shirts CustoMax since 1999 works with French and Italian ateliers that use the CustoMax Platform to offer to retailers a wide and strong product catalogue. This product catalogue contains all possible shirt styles, models and options. CustoMax also can offer a fabric collection containing thousands of different qualities from the most renowned weavers, such as Cotonificio Albini from Italy and Thomas Mason from England.

Via the tailor-made men's shirts offered through the CustoMax Platform any the wish of any customer can be fulfilled fast, reliable and affordable.


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