CustoMax holds a strong view on the future of fashion and clothing:

more use can be made of the advantage that all people are different!

No one fits into mass produced ready-made clothes. And in our opinion it should be the individual who decides what fits best with his or her taste, style, figure, profession and mood. It actually is odd that the industry for mass-produced ready-made clothes determine what clothes we wear.

In short, in our vision each individual chooses the fashion that fits him or her best as for size, model, fabric and color.

The challenge in realizing our vision is the development of the proper methods and processes that enable unique mass customized fashion products fast, reliable, simple and affordable.

To achieve this it is crucial that the processes of CustoMax and its partners (retailers, weavers and manufacturers) are drastically integrated via the Internet to seamlessly share order details in large quantities. In only a few mouse clicks worldwide retailers simultaneously create orders, the required fabric for each order is instantly reserved at the weaver and the production is planned at the atelier.

At the same time the coaching and training of retailers, weavers and manufacturers and the marketing support by CustoMax is critical. CustoMax not only is the supplier of software, but also stimulates in continues collaboration with its partners revenue-growth and strong profit margins. Within the mass customization framework, CustoMax amongst others gives training to retailers and manufacturers, consults retailers on shop-in-shop modules, consults manufacturers on the interfaces between their ERP-system and the CustoMax Platform, builds websites and web stores for retailers and manufacturers, assists in (e)mailings by retailers, renders sales and production reports to retailers and manufacturers.

Please read on this website what CustoMax can do for retailers, manufacturers, weavers and consumers.

In short, in our philosophy we on the one hand supply a reliable Internetconcept that realizes single-piece orders reliable, fast and affordable and on the other hand created an organizational model that enables and supports mass customized fashion on a large scale.


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