The CustoMax Solution is a full service concept. In practice this means:

  1. To assist retailers not only in managing customer and order data, but also promoting the mass customization assortment and stimulating repeat sales.
  2. To assist manufacturers and weavers not only in managing product catalogue data and fabrics stock data, but also in improving and expanding the mass customization assortment.
  3. To fully utilize a web-based platform to ensure shorter delivery times, less mistakes and better prices.
  4. To offer a complete assortment of mass customized men's and ladies' fashion products.

The basic structure of the CustoMax Solution:

CustoMax Solution 

CustoMax Service

  • Promotion of the mass-customization concept.
  • Extension of the assortment with new product lines.
  • Training and coaching of retailers.
  • Marketing support to retailers.

CustoMax Platform

  • Web-based market place for e-partnership between retailers and suppliers.
  • Interfaces with existing IT infrastructures.

CustoMax Retail - Modules:

  1. Shop (customers and orders)
  2. Configurator
  3. Tools

CustoMax Supply - Modules:

  1. Product Catalogue Manager (PCM)
  2. Configurator
  3. Tools


In the future the CustoMax Platform will be continuously improved, amongst others based upon the feedback from you. These upgrades are free of charge and there will be no extra service or maintenance fees.


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