CustoMax offers a world-first and worldwide unique assortment of mass customized fashion products as well as an end-to-end full service concept that enables successful mass customization in fashion.

Together with the best and most renowned European ateliers and weavers CustoMax created a wonderful assortment of tailor-made fashion products for ladies and gentlemen. CustoMax creates a sustainable partnership with its suppliers and make sure they all comply with the fundaments of the CustoMax philosophy:

The highest quality standards.

Short delivery times (between 5 and 20 working days).

Prices comparable to off-the-rack mass-produced confection products.

Innovation spirit through complete systems integration and supply chain optimization.

CustoMax is proud to work with the best and most innovative ateliers and weavers in the world and to combine them on the world-first web-based CustoMax Platform. CustoMax offers (strategic) consulting services as well as IT services to manufacturers and weavers on how to develop and maintain a profitable mass customization assortment and logistics. Please click here if you want to learn more about our services for ateliers and weavers.

Also, it is the goal of CustoMax to select the best local retailers that offer the assortment of personalized and customized fashion products to the customers. Also with these retailers CustoMax creates a sustainable and active partnership. CustoMax trains, coaches and supports the retailers in any way to ensure successful sales of tailor-made fashion to ladies and gentlemen. Please click here if you want to learn more about our services for retailers.

This combination of strong partnerships with well-selected suppliers and retailers and specialized services that enable mass customization creates a balanced range of tailor-made products (click for more detailed information):

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