• "Create your own" Berlin, 30-31 May 2011

    The CYO 2011 is a unique opportunity to explore the reality and future behind individualization, co-creation, and personalization — mega trends that are shaping the European consumption landscape. CustoMax's founder Bas Possen is key speaker. More…

  • SERVIVE final stage, summer 2011

    The three years project SERVIVE, successfully preparing for finalization. The homogeneous group of products and services developed by professionals all over Europe come to synergy. CustoMax plays the role of supply network integrator, mixing together end customers, retailers, manufacturers, and weaver supplier for valued customized garments. All this of course is enriched with a slight touch of 3D avatars. More…

  • CustoMax 3D

    During the year CustoMax gets a new look, and a new engine. Our development team uses the latest Microsoft technologies to bring peace in the fashion business world. One team, one platform, whole world. We expect the first 3D customizable set of garments to reach shops after the summer. More news

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Every fashion retailer in the world, small or big, can now include mass-customized fashion products into its assortment. Fast, easy, reliable and with no or very low investment.

CustoMax is built on many years of expertise of renowned manufacturers and retailers who successfully have adopted mass-customization. We offer a world-first fully web-based solution for ordering and managing customized and personalized fashion products. Unique single-piece flow fashion produced on demand with a better fit, but for the same price as mass-produced confection products.

Please find out more on this website about our vision on how fashion retailers and manufacturers can significantly improve their business performance and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Or just contact us directly.

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CustoMax presents a unique and balanced collection of customized & personalized fashion products for men and woman. Make your selection:

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"In general, too little use is made of the advantage, that all people are different"


Everybody should be able to decide how his or her quality business-wear fits and looks. Through our web-based solution this is possible! Read more

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